Office Christmas Party Music Video

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Ironically, one of the few things worse than working long hours at the office is being forced to go to the annual office Christmas party. Can’t believe the boss made this mandatory. None of us would be here if we didn’t have to be! Saturday Night Live pokes fun at every office Christmas party ever in […]


Simpsons Couch Gag Before Christmas Holiday Intro

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With Christmas just around the corner, The Simpsons are getting into the spirit with a holiday episode, I Won’t Be Home For Christmas. The special ‘couch gag’ introduction is pure holiday cheer, Simpsons style. They even threw in a hilarious Frozen reference.    Read more:


Girl Writes Parents Hilarious Note After Finding Out Truth About Santa (Photo)

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Learningyour parents lied to you about Santa Claus is a memory we all repress deeper and deeper with each sip of spiked eggnog. Belle, on the other hand, was not about to let her parents get away with dropping the Santa bomb. The newly-jaded elementary school student slipped a note under her mom and dads […]


Hipster Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving may have ended a week ago, but this hilarious video by Harvard Sailing Team Sketch Comedy channel is still trending, standing with over 400,000 views.  Nearly everyone had at least one neo-hipster at their holiday table who wouldn’t stop instagraming pictures of the food to their 37 dedicated Twitter followers and discussing the depth of their […]


Aziz Ansari’s Saris Commercial

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Looking for a great holiday gift for that special someone but can’t find anything unique that sticks out from the crowd? How about the Aziz Ansari sari.  That’s right! Give the gift of a traditional Indian robe with Aziz’s face plastered all over it.  While being hosted by Conan, Aziz touted his sari in this hilarious, pun-packed mock […]


Wolverine Dances To All The Single Ladies

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Wolverine is the brutish mutant superhero from X-Men with a dark side. He’s known for his short temper and anger issues. Baddies are quickly disposed of by Wolverine. But the quick healing superhero also has a side that he keeps secret. His dance side. Just watch this hilarious clip of Wolverine dancing to Beyonce’s hit […]


Magic Convenient Store Clerk

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For last year’s Easter holiday, the Tonight Show On NBC hired the hilarious, and very talented, magic clerk, AKA Michael Carbonaro, to wow and stupefy customers at a convenient store.  He changes his costume in front of a guest, turns an Easter egg toy into a live chick, and more. Now, the year old video is trending again as Easter 2013 approaches.  […]


The Problem Isn't Racial Profiling In Stores. It's Just That People Don't Know How To Shop!

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Comedian Jessica Williams has some advice on how to make sure you don’t get stopped by the cops if you’re shopping on Black Friday. While her bit is pretty hilarious, it’s based on true stories — black shoppers were stopped by cops because their purchases were deemed “suspicious.” Since when is being able to afford […]


What These Siblings Gave Their Mom For Christmas Is Priceless. She’ll Probably Cry For A Month.

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This past Christmas, two brothers and their sister decided to give their mother an unforgettable Christmas gift: a 12 month calendar showcasing photos from the childhood… and hilarious modern recreations of those exact photos. She will cherish this gift forever. It’s great. RUSirius7 RUSirius7 RUSirius7 RUSirius7 RUSirius7 RUSirius7 RUSirius7 RUSirius7 RUSirius7 RUSirius7 RUSirius7 RUSirius7 These […]