Godzilla The Musical

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Hollywood is churning out yet another Godzilla movie. How many times can they re-release the monster story? Apparently, as many times viewers will pay for tickets and popcorn. Realizing this Godzilla obsession has gotten a little out of control, movie-obsessed CineFix decided to roll with it, and commissioned this ridiculous, yet hilarious, parody, Godzilla The Musical, starring Olga Kay. Just […]


Dubbed Cursing In Movies On Network Television Compilation

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There’s always that immediate excitement followed by disappoint when finding your favorite movie on TV. Besides for cutting ‘unnecessary’ parts of a film to fit a certain time frame, the bad dubbed swearing really ruins the experience.  BuzzFeed Pop made this hilarious compilation of the worst dubbed cursing in movies on TV offenders. The video features “100% […]


Barely Legal Pawn Skit Featuring Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul, Julia Louis-Dreyfus

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In honor of the 2014 Primetime Emmy Awards airing this Monday, August 25, The Television Academy’s official YouTube Channel commissioned this hilarious skit starring Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul, famous from Breaking Bad, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus from Veep. After spending a little too much on late night online shopping, Julia goes to a pawn shop to try and cash her Emmy […]


Jimmy Kimmel’s Charlie Bit My Finger Movie Trailer Parody

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Jimmy Kimmel noticed that many of this year’s biggest Oscar winning films were based on books. But we’re in a new age. The YouTube generation.  That inspired Jimmy to collaborate with famous Hollywood actors to recreate classic viral videos as Oscar worthy films.  Tom Hanks, Meryl Streep, Chris Hemsworth, and Liam Hemsworth star in this hilarious […]


Jennifer Lawrence Is One Hot Old Lady In This Hilarious Funny Or Die Movie Trailer (Video)

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Funny or Die does not like the way women are treated in Hollywood. The jokesters at the site created a hilarious faux-movie trailer using Jennifer Lawrence films to make a statement about the sexism and ageism in the movie industry. First, the video takes a look at past films in which Lawrence, 25, portrays a […]


These Are The 10 Greatest Celebrity Moms – Hollywood Needs More Of These Classy Ladies!

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People magazine has its world-famous “Most Beautiful People” list and Maxim has its “Hot 100.” It seems everyone has a list… So, to celebrate Mother’s Day we decided to put together a list of our very own. This list is who we consider to be the best celebrity moms around. These moms rise above the […]


Arnold Schwarzenegger Really Wants To ‘Get To The Chopper’ On Tonight Show QVC Sketch

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Arnold Schwarzenegger has been on a viral video roll. He recently was trending online after promoting his charity to run over stuff with his tank. That video stands with over 9 million views. Now, he is trending after appearing in this hilarious sketch on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Arnold is well known for his […]