Larry King Is Older Than These 23 Things. It’s Unbelievable.

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Oh, Larry. NewYorkNatives He’s our favorite crotchety old radio personality. His career spans decades and his popularity has hardly ever waned. However, with great longevity comes age. Larry King is 80 years old and still kicking. Larry himself even out-ages some of the oldest inventions. Here are just a few things he is older than. […]


They Added A Photo Filter When Taking Pictures With Their Pets This Is Hilarious

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While Snapchat has been around for a while now, filters and their popularity have definitely grown recently. The technology allows you to digitally transform your face with everything from ears to full-on goofy disguises. At times, the results are hilarious…but sometimes, it’s just plain weird. Just as taking selfies made its way to the animal […]


32 Tattoo Fails So Tragically Embarrassing That These People Should Never Go Outside Again.

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Getting a tattoo should be serious business (and not something young, drunk people should do at 2am). You’re permanently altering your body. For life. Forever. In fact, there are many people out there who should probably avoid getting tattoos altogether. Unfortunately, these 32 people made a few very bad decisions and ended up with some […]


Here Are 25 Kids That Gave Absolutely Brilliant Answers On Their Tests. These Are Hysterically Genius.

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You’re probably already aware of the phrase, “kids say the darndest things.” Well, it is a saying for good reason. Our little proteges, whether they are toddlers or teens, are more aware and clever than most people give them credit for. Their growing minds are like sponges (with attitudes). So don’t be surprised if you […]


They Put A Virtual-Reality Headset On Their Grandma, And Her Reaction Is Hilarious!

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Technology is getting crazy these days. We’ve had so many technological advances in our lifetimes that it is almost hard to comprehend. I remember a time before the Internet, my parents remember a time before color television, and heck, my grandmother remembers a time before television was even invented! Now imagine what would happen if […]


When Their Coworkers Found New Jobs, These 22 People Made Hilarious Goodbye Cakes

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Leaving a job is always tough, especially when you have great coworkers you know you’ll miss. Even if you’re moving on to something better, it can still be hard to say goodbye and leave all your work friends behind. Luckily for these people, though, their buddies gave them awesome (if not slightly hostile) farewells that […]


Mysterious ‘Giant Stick’ Stumps Dog

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You know the old saying “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again?” Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case with a determined pup named Kai. Kai spots the perfect giant stick in the yard, but it turns out to actually be a large root. Watch as the confused dog struggle with the stick that just […]