While The World Is Fixated On Red Cups, This Girl Creates Starbucks Art

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If you don’t live under a rock, you’ve probably heard about the bizarre controversy that Starbucks is dealing with right now. Everyone seems to have an opinion about those red cups, but while Internet commenters are duking it out on social media, one awesome young artist is busy turning Starbucks cups into vibrant works of […]


IKEA-Style Instructions for Assembling Your Very Own Monster By Ed Harrington

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Have you ever wanted your own sado-masochistic hellspawn or vicious alien hunter? Now you can have them, or any one of many other movie monsters, in the comfort of your home thanks to Ed Harrington, an illustrator who has created hilarious IKEA-style instructions for making our favorite movie monsters. In the minimalistic and friendly IKEA […]


Sex In The Movies Couldn’t Look More Different Than Sex In Real Life (Photos)

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College Humor Teenage girls grow up with this unrealistic fantasy that the first time they have sex, it’ll be this soul-awakening, mind-blowing experience — like if all of a sudden, the world changed from black and white to color. News flash: It’s not. Don’t get me wrong, sex is (usually) great, but that doesn’t mean […]