How One Small Mental Shift Hundreds Of Years Ago Is Actually Still Screwing Us Over

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Ever notice that we tend to treat creative people as not only unimaginably talented but also as fragile and unstable? Elizabeth Gilbert, author of “Eat, Pray, Love,” knows this all too well. And she’s got a few ideas about how we ought to be doing things instead. At 1:02, hear some of the hilarious (and […]


Heartwarming: When This Terminally Ill 6-Year-Old Wanted To Run For President, Thousands Got Together And Made It Happen

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Life hasnt been easy for Donald Trump. Though hes only 6 years old, hes already faced a lifetime of hardship as the result of a rare terminal disease that has left him in hospitals for much of his young life. With disturbingly yellow skin pigmentation, a prematurely deepened voice caused by thyroid abnormalities, and a […]


I've Never Met A 15-Year-Old And Thought 'She's Gonna Run The World One Day.' Yet Here We Are.

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Remember the name Tavi Gevinson. It’s going to be a household name someday (probably with “President” in front of it).  At :35, don’t you dare make fun of her graphics. She’s still figuring it out. At :55, she explains everything that’s wrong with “Strong Female Characters.” At 1:40, she says maybe my favorite thing ever […]


Woman And Her Doctors Dance To Beyonce Before Her Surgery

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The moments before a simple surgery are intimidating enough. But a double mastectomy? That can be truly terrifying.  But Deb Cohan wasn’t interested in feeling negative as her double mastectomy approached. Instead, she, her family, and her doctors held an joyous flash mob to Beyonce’s upbeat dance hit Get Me Bodied right there in the operating room. Now you have […]


So You're Not Sure If You Should Ever Use The Word 'Gay?' Here's The Handiest Flow Chart Ever.

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Meet Ash Beckham. She has some really smart and hilarious things to help you out the next time you are thinking about using the word “gay.” At 0:43, she makes the point I’ve been trying to make for years. At 2:10, I start feeling like I’m in an awesome church. And at 4:30, she gets […]


This Is The Most Inspiring Yet Depressing Yet Hilarious Yet Horrifying Yet Heartwarming Grad Speech

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Tim Minchin is a hilarious performer. He also gives dark but brilliant and slightly crass speeches to college graduates, apparently. At 7:22, he says my favorite thing ever about science. At 9:50, he expresses my entire life philosophy. And at 10:50, you’ll think he’s saying something utterly depressing until he turns it all around on […]