Ellen Page Finally Got An Instagram And Life Is Good

The actress finally joined the Insta Party. BLESSED ARE WE! 1. Actress Ellen Page has made quite the impression with her hilarious Twitter antics, such as naming fans’ dogs, but she has yet to grace us with her wit and charm on Instagram. View this image › Danny Moloshok / Reuters 2. UNTIL NOW! *praise […]


Pokemon Instagram

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The goal of Pokemon Snap is to take the best pictures of Pokemon while on Safari.  The video game nerds at The Warp Zone made this hilarious parody of how the game would turn out if kids these days were playing.  Forget Pokemon Snap. It’d be more like Pokemon Instagram.   Read more:


These 15 Parents And Their Kids Are Giving Us Serious Style Envy

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Who says you have to lose your sense of style when you have kids? These 15 parents and their children are each other’s best accessories. No one wants to walk into a room and see someone wearing the same outfit as them. However, when kids and parents intentionally wear matching clothes, nothing could be cuter. […]


How To Handle Embarrassing Posts On Your Social Media

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One of the reasons betches are constantly checking their social media, aside from constant boredom, is that without vigilant supervision, your social media accounts can go from cute beach selfies to total chaos in the span of like a few hours. That’s because betches might be social media savvy, but we can’t always say the […]


17 Celebrities We Wish Were On Social Media


Because we’re obsessed. Celebs are just like us and they value their privacy just like us, but there are a few that we just can’t get enough of who we’d kill to see on social media. 1. Alexander Skarsgard View this image › Teach / Teach/FAMEFLYNET PICTURES True Blood is no more, but our thirst […]


If Guys Acted Like Girls On Instagram, The Results Would Be Hilarious (Photos)

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Instagram For the most part, girls’ Instagrams are fairly predictable. That’s not to say every female’s account is filled with selfies and staged “candid” snaps and #OOTD mirror pics, but… most are. The folks over at Witty + Pretty had a hilarious thought: What if guys acted like girls on Instagram? They compiled a list of […]


Bearded Dude Recreates Women’s Dating Selfies On Tinder

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Burly bearded Australian Instagrammer Jarrod Allen, known by his more than 18,000 Instagram followers as @Tindafella, has acquired a taste for public humiliation (both his and others’). He takes women’s portraits and selfies that he finds on the Tinder app and recreates them, often with hilarious results. The Tinder matchmaking app is simple – it […]