His Jokes Will Wake The Part Of You That Used To Make Friends Without Mark Zuckerberg's Help

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Without the Internet, I would never be able to speak to my two best friends, who both live in San Francisco (I know, it sucks). And without Facebook, I wouldn’t have this fabulous gig here. But comedian Dwayne Perkins is 100% right to question where human nature finds itself because of technology. Sometimes we can […]


High School Teachers Read Mean Tweets About Themselves

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Jimmy Kimmel has made his Celebrity Read Mean Tweets series famous online. Now, Josh Vulcano and teachers of the Los Alamitos High School have teamed up to create a hilarious mean tweets episode of their own.  Only instead of celebrities reading the tweets from their fans, teachers read the mean tweets posted by their students.     Via TastefullyOffensive.  […]


The Internet Is Baffled By What This News Crew Caught On Film During An Interview

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The Internet is going nuts over this short clip from a Danish news network, which appears to show a woman engaging in some kind of sorcery. In the accursed clip from Denmark’s TV2, a man is being interviewed, but the real star is the blonde woman in the background who creepily vanishes into thin air. […]


Audra McDonald Sings Yahoo! Answers On Jimmy Fallon

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Yahoo! Answers is Yahoo’s optimistic attempt at making a social answer website. The concept was good in theory, but they must have forgotten that this is the Internet. Now, the social site become so full of gags and jokes that it’s often difficult to discern which questions and answers are real or fake. Either way, […]