When Their Coworkers Found New Jobs, These 22 People Made Hilarious Goodbye Cakes

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Leaving a job is always tough, especially when you have great coworkers you know you’ll miss. Even if you’re moving on to something better, it can still be hard to say goodbye and leave all your work friends behind. Luckily for these people, though, their buddies gave them awesome (if not slightly hostile) farewells that […]


5 Ways to Use Pinterest for Your Job Search

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Brie Weiler Reynolds is the content and social media manager at FlexJobs, the award-winning site for telecommuting and flexible job listings, and a former career advisor. At FlexJobs, Brie offers job seekers career and work-life balance advice through the FlexJobs Blog and social media, including Pinterest. Now that Pinterest is a full-blown cultural phenomenon, people have started […]


How To Handle Embarrassing Posts On Your Social Media

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One of the reasons betches are constantly checking their social media, aside from constant boredom, is that without vigilant supervision, your social media accounts can go from cute beach selfies to total chaos in the span of like a few hours. That’s because betches might be social media savvy, but we can’t always say the […]