Kanye Wrote A Bizarre Poem About McDonald’s For Frank Ocean


In case you thought you and Kanye West had nothing in common, guess again:Kanye also strugglesto fight against the evil power ofMcDonald’s fries. “I always knew them French fries was evil man / Smelling all good and shit” According to Pitchfork, Kanye West wrote a poem, “The McDonald’s Man,” that was featured in Frank Ocean’s […]


Deadpool Hilariously Spoofs Kanye West’s SNL Rant

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Earlier in the week, an audio clip of Kanye West – having quite the rant backstage at SNL – surfaced. The self-proclaimed “greatest artist of all time” took shots at Taylor Swift, and revealed that (he thinks that) he’s a bigger influence than any other human being – dead or alive. In other news, a […]


Dave Chappelle Describes His First Encounter With Kanye West

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After being off the radar for a number of years, popular comedian Dave Chappelle has resurfaced. He just recently went viral online after appearing on The Late Show With Dave Letterman, and now he has just visited The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. While promoting his new comedy tour, Dave recounted the hilarious story when […]