‘Cheering failure!’ Laugh or cry? #WHCD sparks term: Pulling ‘a Sebelius’

, , ,!/greggutfeld/status/462795624887627776 It would be funny if it weren’t true! As Twitchy reported, President Obama and the Kathleen Sebelius let it be known during the White House Correspondents’ Dinner that they think that the colossal failure known as Obamacare is super hilarious.!/robbinzhome/status/462926441597120512 Yep. The lapdogs at the dinner, well, lapped it up. Non-sycophants? Not so […]


‘So. Much. YES!’ Sebelius #SOTU face captures ‘Obamacare in one gif’

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RT @NYMag: Kathleen Sebelius is not amused. #SOTU — The Political Girl (@PoliticalGirls) January 29, 2014 Snicker. Well, evidently Kathleen Sebelius did manage to find her way to the State of the Union address. Navigators totally worked this time! Tonight, I'm proud to watch President Obama deliver his 5th #SOTU as millions of Americans […]