Modern day dragons.

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The natural diet of these birds is bones. Not just bone marrow — actual bone shards. They pick up huge bones from carcasses and drop them onto rocks until they get spiky pieces and then they swallow them. Their stomach acid dissolves bone. When sufficiently threatened, they’ve been observed to deliberately puke on the threat. […]


‘Everybody must get trolled’: Bob Dylan tweets, but is it him?

, ,!/greenhousenyt/status/410789657136205824 Twitter was buzzing with the news that singing legend Bob Dylan had joined Twitter today.!/OnomatoSteveUh/status/410792691467681792 Heh. Here are the first tweets from that account:!/BobDylanTweets/status/410777509429383168 A hashtag swiftly sprung up, natch. Enter: #DylanTweets!/ctrembz/status/410782074526654464!/marcatracy/status/410782462772400128!/CraigSJ/status/410791342957027328!/marathonpacks/status/410792275883474944 More please!!/aliciaault/status/410785693309222915 Ha! Some snark-wondered if the account really is Bob Dylan’s:!/exjon/status/410786687623520257 Win! And […]


‘Mission accomplished’? ‘Fixed’ still full of fail [pics]

, , , , ,!/MomMilkshake/status/407334771459497984 Wait, what? That can’t be! HHS told us that the revamp of has resulted in “dramatic improvement.” Mission accomplished and all! Period. Not according to attempted users of the website, however. The “fixed” site is still full of fail.!/JessicaClackum/status/407326954107314176!/joelpollak/status/407276146917527553!/nicktesla2010/status/407333260125937664!/vaughn_shirley/status/407233608894517248!/Charlottesville/status/407302272909967360!/adamtw1010/status/407295042185736192!/seanshannon/status/407308370337488896!/charliespiering/status/407190297894854656 It’s not any better on […]


‘No class’: Denver appliance store weighs in on Seahawk Richard Sherman [pic]

,!/NicoleJGates/status/425741717803773953 If Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman finds himself in Denver hunting for luxury appliances, he might want to avoid this place:!/MikeGarafolo/status/425705272913309696 *** Related: ‘Insane’: Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman goes off during post-game interview with Erin Andrews [Vine] Sen. Chris Murphy threatens to ‘go all Richard Sherman on Republicans’; Nobody in particular intimidated ‘Candid response’: Fox […]


‘Glitch’ giggles! The real reason for the #GoldenGlobes ‘obstacle course’?

, , ,!/gailmcinnes/status/422553474443005952 As Twitchy readers know, the seating at the Golden Globes last night led to an “obstacle course” to get to the stage. Perhaps that played a part in Robin Wright’s sideboob wardrobe malfunction?!/MouseX11/status/422550978555305984 How indeed? Well, these Twitter users have come up with a very plausible answer: Totally must have been just “glitch,” […]