A Host Helps Bill Nye With A Perfect Response To All The People Who Doubt His Science Facts On TV

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I’m just gonna let you press “play” for some hilarious brilliance on what some news shows could do to correct a certain kind of debate. Read more:


Watch A Hilarious Actress Shut Down People's Body-Shaming Comments About Her Outfits

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Indian-American actress, producer, and writer Mindy Kaling gets called a lot of things, but “brave” shouldn’t be one of them, according to her. She talks to Jimmy Kimmel about backhanded compliments on her weight and why she chooses to wear the clothes she does. Then she gives us a bit of realtalk about how amazing […]


The Fact That These Ads Are Fake Is Hilarious. That Everyone Thought They Are Real Is Disconcerting.

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Bad news, friends. These clips were taken down by the content source, so we can’t show them to you anymore. To fill the newfound void in your life, we offer this post instead. It’s just as good — honest! Nothing to see here! Read more: