8 Mental Health Resolutions For The Girl Who Suffers From Anxiety Or Depression

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I don’t know about YOU, but I’m sick and tired of the all of these picture-perfect girls on Instagram, with their perfectfitness routines, their perfectlyunmussed ponytails ,their perfectly white teeth, and their perfectly photographedgreen kale smoothies, all with captions telling me how #Blessed they are. Now, as we approach theNew Year,these same girls are polluting […]


How ‘Lady Dynamite’ hilariously nails comedy about serious mental illness.


Have you heard of comedian Maria Bamford? Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images. If not, I highly recommend you keep scrolling. Bamford is the star of the new Netflix series “Lady Dynamite.” Photo courtesy of Netflix, used with permission. The show follows a 40-something actress struggling to get her career, friendships, and romantic life in order. […]


16 Simple Things That You Can Do Every Day To Boost Your Mood

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According to recent studies and metrics, people are more depressed than ever, and more people are depressed than ever. Plenty of people these days are also taking psychiatric drugs to combat the effects of depression, and many others are left wondering how they can combat the never-ending feeling of dread that they deal with every […]