Magic Johnson’s Completely Obvious Tweets Are A Total Mindf*ck


If this year’s NBA playoffs could best be described as predictable, it’s only right that another fixture of the postseason follow suit. That fixture is Earvin “Magic” Johnson’s series of basketball tweets, which has become a true social media gem over the past month. Throughout the course of the playoffs, and ’til the end of […]


Porn Star Offers To ‘Blow’ Entire Lakers Team If They Win 47 Games

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Getty Images/Instagram All of the Los Angeles Lakers are bound to have performance-based incentives written into their contracts, but this one might be the — er — most unique. Porn star Sadie Santana took her own crack at giving the Lakers some motivation via Twitter, where she announced she’d treat them all if they reached 47 wins […]


Pete Holmes Interviews James Harden (Video)

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Comedian Pete Holmes interviews NBA star James Harden for his new late night show on TBS. Hilarity ensues. (PG-13 language) via Next Impulse Sports Read more:


NBA 2K15 Face-Scan Fails Are Both Hilarious And Cringeworthy (Photos)

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NBA 2K15’s newest and most-hyped up feature is failing in the most spectacular way possible. And it’s uggggly. After the popular basketball simulation game was released at midnight, gamers rushed to upload their likenesses to 2K. A number of fans, however, found the ugliest versions of themselves imaginable. Here are just some of the results of […]


Kevin Durant Announced He’ll Be Joining Stephen Curry And Twitter Went Crazy

From the Cavaliers and the Warriors meeting face-to-face for the championship to the countless blockbuster trades no one sees coming, theNBA is an ever-changing landscape of sports goodness that never seems to disappoint. The most recent news? Kevin Durant is taking his talents to the Golden State Warriors. According to ESPN,the 2007 first-round draft pick […]


13 Biggest Sports Social Media Moments of 2012

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13 Biggest Sports Social Media Moments in 2012 1. Devin McCourty Tweets While Playing in the Super Bowl (Sort of) As New England Patriot Devin McCourty took on the New York Giants in Super Bowl XLVI, his followers were still able to receive real-time updates from his social feeds. But he wasn’t sneaking tweets between […]