‘Orange Is The New Black’ Cast Releases Hilarious ‘Peeno Noir’ Parody

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Season two of ‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’ drops onto Netflix on the 15th April, and we can’t wait. Apparently, neither can the cast of Orange is the New Black who, in a genius pieceof marketing, have produced a parody of Titus’ iconic song “Peeno Noir”. There’s an ode to “Honey Jar” (prison hooch) as opposed to […]


Netflix Shows You Should Watch Before Summer Ends

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Normally I oppose to using this word, but any true betch knows that Netflix is the one and only bae. It’s pretty much everything a betch needs in her life: endless options, newer and better things coming constantly, total control over every aspect of it, and your dad pays for it. Netflix is most comforting […]