7 Ways To Make Everyone Hate You On Facebook

Ironically I've seen this article from Huffpo called “7 Ways To Be Insufferable on Facebook” posted like 10 times on Facebook already this morning. It's long but fully worth your Adderall.  Here's a preview to get you into it.  To be unannoying, a Facebook status typically has to be one of two things: 1) Interesting/Informative […]


SNL Recreates An Awkward St. Louis Morning News Show After Ferguson Protests

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The country is still in a tense state after the protests and riots that occurred after a grand jury failed to indict a police officer for shooting Michael Brown. Saturday Night Live tried to lighten the mood by recreating a peppy, upbeat St. Louis morning show after the angry protests. Things get awkward really fast. For […]


Real World Roundup: Crazy Shit Happened While We Were Away

Having evidently been out of the country for the past week we've clearly taken #2 not keeping up with the news to another level. However it's impossible to ignore this super fucked up story about the LA cop killer. To be honest we're still way too behind on real action and shootings (RIP) but apparently […]


The Internet Is Baffled By What This News Crew Caught On Film During An Interview

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The Internet is going nuts over this short clip from a Danish news network, which appears to show a woman engaging in some kind of sorcery. In the accursed clip from Denmark’s TV2, a man is being interviewed, but the real star is the blonde woman in the background who creepily vanishes into thin air. […]


Ultimate Weather Bloopers Of 2013 Compilation

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The weather report is always the same, either it’s sunny and warm, or cloudy and cold with precipitation.  So it’s always a treat when some unexpected blooper takes place during the weather. To close 2013 right, NewsBeFunny compiled all of the best weather bloopers from the past year into this hilarious video.    Read more: