How People Look When They Reach 100 Years

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If you’re wondering how you will look like when you hit 100 years, take a look at these photos! “Jahrhundertmensch” (or “Century Man”) is a project by German photographer Karsten Thormaehlen who photographed more than 40 centenarians between 2006 and 2012. Their portraits were published in two different books, “Living a Century”(2008) and „Happy at […]


Here Are 27 Older People That Hilariously Failed At Using Facebook. LOL, So Funny.

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Older generations didn’t grow up having the Internet or most of the technology that you use every day. Cell phones and laptops were invented during their lifetime, while they were still young. Be that as it may, they are still trying to use it the best they can, which is commendable. Sometimes, though, those attempts […]


Children Acting Out A Conversation Of An Old Married Couple Is Beyond Adorable (Video)

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As far as I’m concerned, anything that’s dubbed over is automatically hilarious. Hearing a voice come out of a body it doesn’t look like it should come out of is just freaking funny. This video featuring children acting out the audio of an old couple’s conversation is no exception. Created by YouTube humor channel Bored Shorts […]