Trust Fall Prank At The Beach

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Back in the summer, Blake Grigsby went viralviral with his hilarious ‘Trust Fall’-ing Strangers Prank. But after further review, viewers can tell the prank was held at camp. Not exactly the best place to see real world reactions. Enter Ross Creations. He took the exact same prank concept, but pulled it off at the beach, yelling ‘I Trust You!’ […]


Most People Think Cheerleaders Are Perfect People. Wait Until You See This.

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We learn in high school that cheerleaders are delicate and graceful creatures. This idea seems to last a lifetime for most people… until you see this list of 25 hilarious cheerleader fails and awkward faces. #12 will have you laughing out loud.   1.) One last look at the camera before you fall. Ebaum’s World. 2) I […]