Dad Of 4 Girls Tweets Conversations With His Daughters, Proves Parenting Is Fun

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Indianapolis based blogger James Breakwell is considered by some to be the funniest dad on Twitter. His secret? He just tweets his daily conversations with his 4 daughters, all under the age of six, on his twitter XplodingUnicorn. The account has over 300 thousand followers, and Breakwell’s daughters love the attention: They like what I […]


Wife Leaves Clever Husband Alone With 6-Month Old Daughter, Hilarious Dirty Convo Ensues

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Are these parenting/relationship goals or what? You can just see the husband rocking a devilish grin as he mischievously (albeit hornily) messes with his wife, while tending to the otherwise mundane parenting duties.  1 Via: Blastergv9 2 Via: Blastergv9 3 Via: Blastergv9 4 Via: Blastergv9 Read more:


Moms Share The Weirdest Things Their Kids Have Ever Done

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Motherhood ain’t easy. Some of the stuff that we all put our mothers through when we were too young to remember was so weird and messed up that the only appropriate response would have been laughing or crying. Here are 17 mothers who decided to confess some of the most degrading and WTF moments they’ve […]


22 Children’s Hilariously Inappropriate Spelling Mistakes

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Kids are a never-ending source of joy – if not for their boundless energy and joy, then for the hilarious and obliviously inappropriate things that they say and do. These 22 images are hilarious because of the fact that the kids probably have no idea just how raunchy they’re being. The fact that kids say […]


13 Hilarious True Confessions From Moms Who Tell It Like It Is.

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Parenting can be rough. Like, really rough. There’s nothing books, friends, and your own parents can say to prepare you for every surprise in store. The ladies at Pump and Dump Comedy are here to tell you to embrace all life’s little bumps in the road, because they’re often hilarious. At a recent show, comedian Shayna Ferm […]


This Expectant Mom Is Dancing Her Way Through Labor And She’s An Inspiration

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In most cases, the mood in the delivery room is a bit more “get this thing out of me” and a little less “lemme dance it out real quick.” While most mothers would be begging for their epidural, this happy-go-lucky mom-to-be just wants to dance. To help set her contractions into motion, this cool momma […]


These 15 Parents And Their Kids Are Giving Us Serious Style Envy

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Who says you have to lose your sense of style when you have kids? These 15 parents and their children are each other’s best accessories. No one wants to walk into a room and see someone wearing the same outfit as them. However, when kids and parents intentionally wear matching clothes, nothing could be cuter. […]