Laugh Your Way Into 2016 With A Roundup Of 2015’s Best Photobombs

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It’s pretty obvious that 2015 was a hilarious year for the Internet. One could argue that this was the year of the photobomb, and if you’re anything like me, you think that these photos are the universe’s gift to humanity. As the new year approaches, we thought we’d round up the best photobombs that the […]


SO GOOD: These captions for this embarrassing Obama photo are cracking people up

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Well, “Duuuude” may actually be the appropriate reaction. You see, this happened: President Photo Opp strikes again! Snicker. Why has he hated science? But, hey, at least we got some good captions out of it. Take it away, Twitter! O-Bam! The hilarious captions summed up? Yep. Keep it coming, Twitter. President Obama won’t like it, […]


Hilarious CNN graphic introduces fresh crop of ‘homegrown terrorists’ [pic]

, ,!/karamat/status/514775670900408320 It really is. Take a look at this graphic from CNN: This is unhelpful. Doesn't tell us which ones are the homegrown terrorists. — Peter Hart (@peterfhart) September 24, 2014 Gasping! Paul Begala. Hands down. @peterfhart — RB (@RBPundit) September 24, 2014 Heh. @peterfhart @daveweigel its pointing right at Begala which seems […]


The Fine Print For This 'Pretty Amazing' Contest For Girls Makes Me *Facepalm*

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In March 2012, Seventeen magazine launched its second annual Pretty Amazing Contest which offers a $20,000 scholarship to girls who have done “pretty amazing” things like raising money for the National Eating Disorders Association. Sounds great, right? Nope. Check out the fine print. No wonder the National Eating Disorders Association needs money. Jerks like the […]