Planned Parenthood cartoon helps male allies check their privilege

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While footage of many #BlackLivesMatter protests shows plenty of white “allies” horning in on the action, you might remember when #BlackLivesMatter leaders in Boston drafted a list of guidelines forthose allies. For example, whites were directed to “stay off the megaphone,” “follow the direction of black leadership,” and stick to carrying appropriate signs, such as […]


This Hilarious Store Will Forever Change The Way You See The Iowa Caucus

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Let’s be real, we’re all 12 years old at heart, and the word “caucus” makes everyonesilently giggle. Don’t try to be above it. Accept it and embrace it, just like RAYGUN in Des Moines, Iowa does. With the Iowa caucus happening on Monday, Des Moines is in a frenzy. Iowans have been inundated with phone […]