Cunning Orcas Seen Ambushing And Headbutting Dolphins In Patagonia

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Killer whales (Orcinus Orca) are well known for their ingenious hunting techniques, which range from generating artificial waves in order to knock seals off ice floes to deliberately beaching themselves in order to catch coastal sea lions. However, orcas in the waters off Patagonia appear to have now raised the sneakiness stakes, after researchers observed […]


25 Amazing Prehistoric Predators

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Prehistoric times contained some of the largest and most terrifying predators to have ever roamed the earth. Some relied on raw strength and speed while others utilized the element of surprise to satisfy their hunger. Despite these two dissimilar styles of hunting, each of these predators shared a common characteristic: they reigned as one of […]


25 Most Dangerous Predators In The Wild

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The wild is the hunting ground of the most dangerous predators out there, though some predators inhabit urban areas as well. Some animals are designed for speed and agility which comes in handy in the game of survival. However, there are those animals, whose natural design have made them into lean, efficient, hunting machines. Check […]