30 Relationships That Literally Wouldn’t Exist Without Technology

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We spend so much time complaining about technology and how its ruined us (or whatever) that we forget that, nine times out of 10, our relationship with the personwho’s hearing our complaintswouldntexistwithout technology. Yes, technology is annoying. It has isolated us and made us cripplingly dependent. But it has also madea lot of things possible. […]


Wife Leaves Clever Husband Alone With 6-Month Old Daughter, Hilarious Dirty Convo Ensues

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Are these parenting/relationship goals or what? You can just see the husband rocking a devilish grin as he mischievously (albeit hornily) messes with his wife, while tending to the otherwise mundane parenting duties.  1 Via: Blastergv9 2 Via: Blastergv9 3 Via: Blastergv9 4 Via: Blastergv9 Read more:


Link25 (013) – The Sideburns Edition

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Unlike everyone else in the office we know you worked so hard all week that you didn’t even have time to see what going on in cyberspace. Well, fear not, your time has come. Every Friday here at List25 we bring you25 of the week’s best links, articles, images, and videos from all over the […]


Smooth Ventriloquist Picks Up Girls On The Subway

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Everyone knows that girls can’t resist a guy with sense of humor. Knowing this, Model Pranksters sent Nigel ‘Docta Gel’ Dunkley on the New York City subway to woo some girls with his hilarious ventriloquist act.  It’s no surprise that he got a couple of numbers.    Read more: