The Strange, Isolated Life Of A Tuberculosis Patient In The 21st Century

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While volunteering for the Peace Corps in Ukraine in 2010, I contracted a severe version of drug-resistant tuberculosis. Two years of painful, isolating treatment taught me the vital role social media may play in finally eradicating this disease. One of the loneliest nights of my life was when I masturbated for an Australian stranger on […]


Russian Bungee Jumper Screams Like Monkey

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This Russian bungee jumper understandably looks nervous before his jump.  But it is his hilarious reaction that has launched the helmet camera video into the viral sphere. After a suspenseful minute of waiting, he finally jumps, and shrieks and screams just like a monkey.  Since debuting on Saturday, the video, published by Grigory Razlutskiy, has already garnered over […]


What Was That Huge Flash Over Russia?

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Russian dash-cams, while widely used for insurance integrity purposes, are one of the best things that has ever happened to the internet. In addition to providing hours of entertainment with videos of intense police chases, hilarious drunken escapades, and random acts of kindness, the filming of certain phenomena has been of scientific interest as well. […]