I Had Sex With A Toe-Sucker: Hook-Up Fook-Ups

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Happy Friday, betches. Welcome once again to Hookup Fookups, where we all revel in your most hilarious hookup failure stories. Remember, we’re laughing with you, not at you (but also at you, a little). Email me yours at, and follow me on twitter at @betchesheadpro Anon: Let me preface this story by saying that […]


Sex In The Movies Couldn’t Look More Different Than Sex In Real Life (Photos)

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College Humor Teenage girls grow up with this unrealistic fantasy that the first time they have sex, it’ll be this soul-awakening, mind-blowing experience — like if all of a sudden, the world changed from black and white to color. News flash: It’s not. Don’t get me wrong, sex is (usually) great, but that doesn’t mean […]