Office Christmas Party Music Video

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Ironically, one of the few things worse than working long hours at the office is being forced to go to the annual office Christmas party. Can’t believe the boss made this mandatory. None of us would be here if we didn’t have to be! Saturday Night Live pokes fun at every office Christmas party ever in […]


Dubbed Cursing In Movies On Network Television Compilation

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There’s always that immediate excitement followed by disappoint when finding your favorite movie on TV. Besides for cutting ‘unnecessary’ parts of a film to fit a certain time frame, the bad dubbed swearing really ruins the experience.  BuzzFeed Pop made this hilarious compilation of the worst dubbed cursing in movies on TV offenders. The video features “100% […]


Ylvis Covers Musical Classics With Air Horn

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Ylvis of TV Norge is back with a hilarious parody of those late night television infomercials touting overpriced musical classics on CD.  They cover all the famous songs and tunes, such as You Raise Me Up and the Star Wars theme music, with a perfect mix of the one and only air horn. Ahh, music to the Internet’s ears.    Read more: […]


Pokemon Instagram

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The goal of Pokemon Snap is to take the best pictures of Pokemon while on Safari.  The video game nerds at The Warp Zone made this hilarious parody of how the game would turn out if kids these days were playing.  Forget Pokemon Snap. It’d be more like Pokemon Instagram.   Read more:


BaneCat Episode 2

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Remember BaneCat? The hilarious merging of the Dark Knight villain Bane and a cat instantly went viral two months ago, and stands with over 5 million hits! Now, BloodBlitz, the creator of BaneCat, has finally returned with the much anticipated second episode.    Via DailyDot.  Read more:


East-West College Bowl 2

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Last year, Comedy Central‘s Key & Peele went viral with their hilarious spoof of College Bowl player introductions on ESPN. That video stands with over 17 million hits! Why do so many players introduce themselves like that? Now that the college football season has returned for 2013, popular comedians Key & Peele have again returned to serve up […]