Baby Boy’s Hilarious Reaction to ‘Let It Go’ (Video)

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Baby Boy’s Hilarious Reaction to ‘Let It Go’ (Video) A little baby boy starts dancing every time his sister’s doll plays ‘Let It Go’ from Disney’s Frozen… via Read more:


Things You Can Only Do When You’re A Toddler

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Being a toddler is tough. But it does have its perks. There are somethings you can only do when you’re a toddler, such as cry about cookies and demand attention. As comedians Tripp and Tyler demonstrate in this hilarious comedy sketch, when you’re older the situation can get awkward very quickly.    Read more:


Dog Realizing Mid-Jump He’s About To Land On Little Girl Is Priceless (Video)

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One family was blessed with a hilarious surprise when they were filming their dog playing in the backyard. They’d set up a bubble machine and wanted to catch footage of the goofy pup and his bubble-popping adventure. Chech, the family’s 3-year-old daughter, apparently became jealous that the pup was stealing all the spotlight — so, […]


Kid Falls Asleep In Plate Of Pasta

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It’s been done before, but that doesn’t make this adorable video any less cute. Way back in 2007, Jason Griffith uploaded this hilarious video of his kids eating spaghetti. Drew seemed more interested in sleep than dinner. He quickly passed out in his bowl of pasta.     Via YouTubeNation.  Read more:


Super Cute Kid Kai Sings ‘Roar’ On Ellen

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Ellen loves her tiny best friend Kai. She’s had him on her show multiple times to show off his super cute Bruno Mars singing abilities. Now that Kai has turned five years old, Ellen has invited him back on stage to take a turn from Bruno Mars and sing Katy Perry’s upbeat tune Roar. Simply adorable.    Read […]