‘SNL’ Turns Drones into a Terrorist-Killing Boy Band

, , , , , , , , The U.S. government has used drones to hunt terrorists for years, in a mostly secret military and CIA joint campaign. Lately though, official leaks and media attention have put drones in the spotlight. It was high time Saturday Night Live gave us its take on the issue. In this cartoon aired on Saturday’s SNL, […]


(Helen) Mirren, Mirren, on the Wall…

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Lesson: If an Oscar-winning actress stops by your talk show, make her do something truly ridiculous. Helen Mirren appeared on Monday’s episode of The Tonight Show, which happened to be Jimmy Fallon’s 100th episode, and participated in a hilarious sketch called “Mirren Mirren,” where she plays the “Mirren” on the wall. Fallon clearly knows how […]


Pee-wee Herman Joins Cast of ‘Dark Knight Rises’

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Batman wouldn’t be Batman without his throaty, sultry, barely-understandable gurgle of a voice. But how intimidating would the masked man really be without that distinctive tonality? Jimmy Fallon and Paul Reubens found out when they dubbed the voices of the entire “Dark Knight Rises” cast with the other most distinctive voice ever — Pee-wee Herman’s. […]


This May Just Be ESPN’s Funniest ‘SportsCenter’ Ad Ever

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ESPN‘s long-running line of “This Is Sportscenter” ads take a whimsical and bizarre angle on the legendary show’s behind-the-scenes productions, imagining scenarios and backstories that, for all we know, could actually be true. They’ve produced some really funny spots over the years. But the latest offering — which purports to reveal that straight-laced NFL analyst […]


YouTube’s 18 Most Epic Sports Meltdowns

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YouTube’s Funniest Sports Freak-outs 1. Handball Player Drops His Shorts and, Uh, Does Other Things Too This Italian handball player instantly entered the pantheon of all-time sports meltdowns recently when he, shall we say, overreacted to a sarcastic peck from an antagonistic opponent. 2. “I’m a F#$%in’ Soldier!” Kellen Winslow, Jr. delivers a historic rant […]