Will Sasso Driving Around Imitating Arnold Schwarzenegger Vine Compilation

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Remember the Will Sasso lemon video that went viralviral a month ago? One of his fans compiled multiple ongoing clips from his vine account into one hilarious video that now stands with over two million views.  Now, YouTuber Fire Red Naxela is trending after publishing yet another Will Sasso Vine compilation. This time, viewers watch from Sasso’s […]


This Hilarious Vine Explains The Real Reason Chris Christie Endorsed Trump

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After dropping out of the race last week, New Jersey governor Chris Christie surprised many with his quick endorsement ofRepublican presidential candidateDonald Trump.His endorsement seemsodd mainly because it contradicts everything Christie has said about Trump in the past, primarily that he’s “not suited to be president.” But now, there’sa Vine video that perfectly explains Chris […]


12 Reasons ‘Dunk Cam’ Is Vine’s Funniest Sports Trend

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Basketball-obsessed teens have been doing it forever: Creeping up on unsuspecting friends during everyday life to throw down vicious imaginary dunks. But they haven’t always had social media to record their posterizing pranks for posterity’s sake. That’s the genesis of a hilarious sports trend called “Dunk Cam” that’s sprung up on Vine and other social […]


Bat Dad Compilation

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The original Bat Dad was introduced on South Park, but it seems Bat Dad is more than just a fictional cartoon character anymore.  Blake Wilson is the real Bat Dad who has been posting humorous seven second videos on his Vine account.  Now, BatDad Vine just posted this compilation of all the best short clips in one hilarious […]