TSA Announces New Screening Program. Comedian Has Hilarious, Helpful Suggestions.

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Flying sucks. Louis C.K.’s rants notwithstanding, the whole enterprise is filled with anxiety, boredom, uncomfortable seating, overpriced airport food, and, for some of us, a casual suspension of dignity. Hari Kondabolu has some worthwhile remedies for the latter that the TSA should really look into. Read more:


The Most Civilized Yet Insulting And Hilarious Interview With The Guy Who Ruined Our Privacy Ever

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On the premiere of his thoughtful and hilarious new show on HBO, “Last Week Tonight,” John Oliver got the opportunity to sit down with Gen. Keith Alexander, the previous head of the NSA, and attempt to hold him accountable for the organization’s overreach. He didn’t pull punches and once again proved that apparently the best […]