Another 10 Crazy Modern Dictators

I found that my first list of crazy dictators lacked several dictators that were also insane – yes, sadly there have been so many that we can produce multiple lists of them. Here, I put these 10 dictators. Feel free to add any other dictators you feel deserve a mention in the comments. Hugo Chavez […]


10 Mistakes That Fed The Rise Of ISIS

A few short months ago, the Islamic State (ISIS) made headlines around the world when they captured Mosul, an Iraqi city roughly the size of Boston. For most of us, it was the first we’d ever heard of the jihadist group. But the ISIS story is more complex than one of simple atrocities and sheer […]


Finally, Some Straight Talk From Romney (With A Little Help From Final Cut)

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What happens when an Internet wise guy cuts up Romney quotes to make him say ridiculous and hilarious things? A surprisingly honest assessment of the nominee from the candidate himself.  [youtube] Read more:


A Comedian Takes You Around The World Of Discrimination In 5 Hilarious Jokes

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You would think it would be tough for comedian Hari Kondabolu to tie all of these things together in this snappy comedy set on “Conan,” but he takes you from Seattle to China to the Garden of Eden like a boss. There’s something for everyone in this, but I personally like it all. What do […]


The Most Civilized Yet Insulting And Hilarious Interview With The Guy Who Ruined Our Privacy Ever

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On the premiere of his thoughtful and hilarious new show on HBO, “Last Week Tonight,” John Oliver got the opportunity to sit down with Gen. Keith Alexander, the previous head of the NSA, and attempt to hold him accountable for the organization’s overreach. He didn’t pull punches and once again proved that apparently the best […]


10 Odd Things That Could One Day Save North Korea

The “Hermit Kingdom” of North Korea is a savage, despotic state that the UN has compared to Nazi Germany. In the week or two it’s taken to write this article, the country has dropped four missiles into the Sea of Japan and had its leaders referred to the International Criminal Court. Surely if anywhere is […]


10 Of The Greatest Pranks Pulled Off By US Presidents

We’ve all seen the “before” and “after” pictures of presidents, and we know how stressful the job is. It takes a certain kind of stern, driven person to become head reptilian overlord (or “president,” to the uninformed). But behind the wrinkled facade there sometimes lies a heart made of whoopee cushions. It turns out US […]