His Jokes Will Wake The Part Of You That Used To Make Friends Without Mark Zuckerberg's Help

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Without the Internet, I would never be able to speak to my two best friends, who both live in San Francisco (I know, it sucks). And without Facebook, I wouldn’t have this fabulous gig here. But comedian Dwayne Perkins is 100% right to question where human nature finds itself because of technology. Sometimes we can […]


The Most Hilarious Sex Education Video Narrated By A Dwarf From The Hobbit I Have Ever Seen

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Whether you know Richard Armitage best as Thorin Oakenshield from “The Hobbit,” or as Sir Guy of Gisbourne from BBC’s short-lived “Robin Hood” series, it’s pretty safe to say that this incredibly amusing and informative documentary about a world of people-sized sperm would not be the same without his rich narration. This is so much […]


The Most Civilized Yet Insulting And Hilarious Interview With The Guy Who Ruined Our Privacy Ever

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On the premiere of his thoughtful and hilarious new show on HBO, “Last Week Tonight,” John Oliver got the opportunity to sit down with Gen. Keith Alexander, the previous head of the NSA, and attempt to hold him accountable for the organization’s overreach. He didn’t pull punches and once again proved that apparently the best […]