Top 25 Famous Redheads

Gentlemen prefer blondes (or so the saying goes) but from time to time they prefer brunettes (take the 90s for example). In earlier history they preferred redheads. These days redheads get a bad wrap – being referred to as “gingers” and other unpleasant names. This list is their redemption! A focus entirely on redheads. So, […]


Top 10 Boredom-busting Websites

This is a comprehensive list of the top ten websites that help you pass the time of day, in other words, boredom busters. There is not one on the list that has not engrossed me for at LEAST an entire day. No more boredom at school! From worst to best… 10. Photo.Net This is a […]


12 Hilarious Motivational Posters

I recently received this email which contains some very funny motivational posters – with a twist. While I have seen a few of them, many were new so I thought it would make a nice relaxed list for the weekend. So, here are twelve posters to motivate you in life! As usual, click for a […]


Top 10 Toys Parents Dread

If you have friends with kids and you wish they would stop inviting you to visit, just pick up an item or two from the following list the next time a gift-giving occasion rolls around. The first reason is obvious. There are usually thousands of them, and within 5 minutes of the package being opened […]


Top 10 Hottest “Plus” Sized Celebrities

Does being beautiful mean being a size 0?? I think not! While most children who develop eating disorders are between 11 and 13, studies have shown that 80% of 3rd through 6th graders are dissatisfied with their bodies or their weight and by age 9 somewhere between 30 and 40% of girls have already been […]