How One Small Mental Shift Hundreds Of Years Ago Is Actually Still Screwing Us Over

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Ever notice that we tend to treat creative people as not only unimaginably talented but also as fragile and unstable? Elizabeth Gilbert, author of “Eat, Pray, Love,” knows this all too well. And she’s got a few ideas about how we ought to be doing things instead. At 1:02, hear some of the hilarious (and […]


Meet 4 Guys Not Here To Shoot Or Shout At You [VIDEO]

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This is hilarious because most of the African people I’ve met have more degrees than I do, plus really cool accents. Share this so we can change the violent, Hollywood perception (yes, you, Shirtless Matthew McConaughey at 1:12) of these funny, likable guys.  [youtube] Read more:


So You're Not Sure If You Should Ever Use The Word 'Gay?' Here's The Handiest Flow Chart Ever.

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Meet Ash Beckham. She has some really smart and hilarious things to help you out the next time you are thinking about using the word “gay.” At 0:43, she makes the point I’ve been trying to make for years. At 2:10, I start feeling like I’m in an awesome church. And at 4:30, she gets […]


A Woman Lost Both Of Her Legs At The Boston Marathon. She Just Found A Reason To Smile.

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Celeste and Sydney’s very first Boston Marathon turned tragic when the explosions claimed both of Celeste’s legs. A U.S. Marine is uniquely capable of telling them why it’s going to be OK. Stay tuned until 2:45 for a pretty hilarious joke, given the circumstances. [youtube] Read more:


This Is The Most Inspiring Yet Depressing Yet Hilarious Yet Horrifying Yet Heartwarming Grad Speech

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Tim Minchin is a hilarious performer. He also gives dark but brilliant and slightly crass speeches to college graduates, apparently. At 7:22, he says my favorite thing ever about science. At 9:50, he expresses my entire life philosophy. And at 10:50, you’ll think he’s saying something utterly depressing until he turns it all around on […]