10 Of The World’s Most Bizarre Beverages

From rainbow-colored beer to “Viagra” made from frogs, there’s an unusual beverage to delight—or disgust—just about every taste. 10 Deer Penis Wine Chinese athletes have long used animal parts to improve their performance. In the 1990s, Chinese track coach Ma Junren credited a series of world records by unknown runners in part to a cocktail […]


Top 10 Failed McDonald’s Products

In an attempt to stay on top of the game, McDonald’s occasionally tried out new menu items. Some of them become a great success while others are destined to fail before they even begin. This list looks at 10 of the worst McDonald’s products which eventually fell into obscurity or vanished entirely. Feel free to […]


8 Foods That Are Shockingly Good For You

Most people probably think that to start eating healthier, they have to give up all the junk foods they enjoy most. This is patently wrong. Many foods even have hidden health benefits (like video game power-ups without the cool sound effects). Here are eight of the coolest. 8 Candy Extends Lifespan Some scientists, who possibly […]


10 Mythologies Centered Around The Glory Of Beer

While an array of flavorful adjectives can be ascribed to this intoxicating beverage, few words can capture the true soul and spiritual connection that has been shared between man and beer for thousands of years. Since its first batch, beer has brought enlightenment to humanity, encouraging man to manifest himself in a way that would […]