This Actress Will Make You Laugh, But The Photoshop Job Hollywood Pulled On Her Will Make You Cry

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Apparently, 20th Century Fox didn’t like the way the hilarious and insanely talented Melissa McCarthy looked in real life, so the marketing department took it upon themselves to Photoshop away about 30 pounds of her for the official movie poster. Unneeded, unwanted, and totally disgusting. Read more:


Top 10 Diet Pills

With the New Year having arrived, people have started thinking about resolutions and weight loss is one of the most common. These are some popular diet pills, which (supposedly) provide easy, fast, and guaranteed weight loss. If you are interested in chemical free approaches to weight loss, check out the Top 10 Natural Weightloss Aids. […]


10 Medical Treatments You Won’t Believe are Still Used

One of the benefits of living in the modern world is that we get the convenience of modern medicine. That is to say, no doctor is going to prescribe rubbing yourself with a live chicken to cure your disease. But in some cases, sanity has yet to catch up to a few unbelievable medical practices. […]


10 Terrifying Tales of Sleepwalking

Everybody is familiar with sleepwalking. Most of us have probably done it at some stage in our life. It’s a fairly common occurrence, one that is usually harmless and only occurs in isolated incidents. But for some people, sleepwalking can be a terrifying thing. Some people have trouble with it every night, and so fear […]


Ezra Klein diagnoses Right with ‘Obamacare Derangement Syndrome’

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Thank God @ezraklein is here to #Voxsplain the virtue of accepting entirely unqualified gov't propaganda as gospel. #HardcoreEzra #tcot m/, —   (@NAAPC) April 14, 2014’s Ezra Klein, fresh from a declaration that Kathleen Sebelius’ resignation was a sign that “Obamacare has won,” has diagnosed those failing to recognize the awesomeness the Affordable Care […]


Top 10 Unusual Gender Selection Techniques

Many couples worldwide are wanting to increase the probability of bearing a baby of a particular gender they want. Some couples have even had four or five sons or daughters, when all they wanted was a child of the opposite gender. There are a few methods out there to help give them the son or […]