10 Time-Sucking Types of Wordplay

People love to play around with language. Wordplay describes a broad category of linguistic manipulation of sounds, words, phrases, and text. It can be intentional or accidental; it can be used for humor, offense, and much more besides. There’s really no limit to what can be done when you’ve got entire languages at your disposal. […]


10 Bizarre Aspects of Japanese Culture

Japan can be an odd place.  No other country in the world has experienced such a confluence of tradition, technology, and circumstance.  Feudal samurai ideals clash with cutting edge computers; aged survivors of the only country which endured the full wrath of the atomic bomb mix with teenagers in Pokemon outfits.  Although it hosts one […]


10 Recent and Controversial Bans Around The World

From prohibition to books, no matter how much we like to think we live in a free society, there is always something being banned. While many of these things don’t affect us all, many of them do. Furthermore, the whole concept of a minority (politicians) banning things for the majority is repugnant. This is a […]