Meet 4 Guys Not Here To Shoot Or Shout At You [VIDEO]

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This is hilarious because most of the African people I’ve met have more degrees than I do, plus really cool accents. Share this so we can change the violent, Hollywood perception (yes, you, Shirtless Matthew McConaughey at 1:12) of these funny, likable guys.  [youtube] Read more:


So You're Not Sure If You Should Ever Use The Word 'Gay?' Here's The Handiest Flow Chart Ever.

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Meet Ash Beckham. She has some really smart and hilarious things to help you out the next time you are thinking about using the word “gay.” At 0:43, she makes the point I’ve been trying to make for years. At 2:10, I start feeling like I’m in an awesome church. And at 4:30, she gets […]


A Woman Lost Both Of Her Legs At The Boston Marathon. She Just Found A Reason To Smile.

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Celeste and Sydney’s very first Boston Marathon turned tragic when the explosions claimed both of Celeste’s legs. A U.S. Marine is uniquely capable of telling them why it’s going to be OK. Stay tuned until 2:45 for a pretty hilarious joke, given the circumstances. [youtube] Read more: