An Intervention For Tech Addicts

View this image › If you’re a human lucky enough to have access to smartphones and laptops, you may have a problem. Maybe it’s a fear of being without your phone. Or a dopamine “addiction.” Not to mention that the average American child spends more time with screens than any activity besides sleeping. Not surprisingly, […]


Community Post: This Is Literally Bananas

1. ‘Cause here are some boneless bananas. View this image › All hail genetic engineering! 2. And a half cat, half banana hybrid. View this image › Coming to supermarkets near you. 3. And some “should probably try OK Cupid” bananas. View this image › Or maybe I need to try supermarket […]


25 Largest Animals on Earth

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Although man may be responsible for some of the changes that the Earth is now undergoing, when it comes to physical size, humans are nowhere near being the largest creatures on the planet. While you may think to yourself that of course there are fishes, primates, and other animals that are a lot bigger than […]


White House beat or Tiger Beat? CNN journa-stalker creeps on Obama

So Tom Foreman, CNN "journalist", has written a letter to O every day. But CNN is sure he's fair and balanced. How about his mental balance? — James Dick (@NFloridaWriter) January 20, 2013 Oh, the shame. CNN’s Tom Foreman has written a letter to President Obama every day. Every. Day. No word yet if there […]


This Baby Thinks She Lost Her Father, And Her Parents Find It HILARIOUS.

Baby’s first harsh reality. 1. Oh, the horror. Video available at: theUtube61 / Via YouTube As someone who’s never seen their father without his mustache, I feel your pain, Dot. Your parents should think twice the next time they try and destroy your world. Read more:


Wil Wheaton Auctions Ruined ‘Star Trek’ Card for Charity

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Wil Wheaton made a mistake. He admits it. Thankfully, he covered it up the natural way: with a doodled pair of sunglasses, the phrase “YEEAAHH!!” and a charitable eBay auction. Wheaton, known in part for playing Wesley Crusher on the TV series Star Trek: The Next Generation, is auctioning off a trading card (pictured above) […]


33 Retina-Assaulting Moments From The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

1. Apparently there was some sort of Americana theme. View this image › This glittery reappropriation of the American flag was in honor of either the election, Kate Upton’s success wearing a flag bikini on GQ (she wasn’t in the show because the show’s casting director “would never” cast her), or the National Guard, who […]


Friendly Dating Advice

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As are the unofficial rules of dating, after asking or being asked out, both parties are obligated to ask their awkward, there’s-a-reason-they’re-single friends for dating advice.  And those friends are, in turn, obligated to offer the worst advice ever. Things can get complicated, so thankfully, sketch comedy group Reverse Cowboys lays out the entire hilarious scene […]