‘Neighbors’ Milks the Gross-Out Gag for a ‘Bridesmaids’-Level Laugh

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Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne in "Neighbors."Image: Universal Pictures Every week, Mashable presents “Let’s Talk About …,” a look back at the biggest WTF moment from the weekend’s new movies. If you haven’t seen the film, be warned: This doesn’t just contain spoilers — it’s ALL SPOILERS. This week: Let’s talk about Neighbors … SEE […]


Chop Chop – Cute Animated Short Of Dramatic Rescue A Little Too Late

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Adorable and hilarious animation website BirdBoxStudios is trending after release of their latest cartoon, titled Chop Chop. A brave a daring vigilante burst onto the scene of a public beheading to save the day, but when he is nearly victorious, one guard points out a slight timing problem. The video is shared on PleatedJeans, TastefullyO, and BlameItOnTheVoices.  […]


You’re Either Going To Find This Extremely Gross Or Completely Relate To It. Just A Warning.

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Having a pet can be a wonderful part of life, one that many would never sacrifice for anything. However, there are a few caveats to life with a pet. One such downside? Animals can sometimes have boundary issues. Your pets love you. They love you so much, they never want you to be out of […]


Walter White Battles Rick Grimes in ‘Breaking Bad’ vs. ‘Walking Dead’ Rap

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[youtube] The latest installment in the Epic Rap Battle of History video series pits two of AMC’s leading men — Breaking Bad‘s Walter White and The Walking Dead‘s Rick Grimes — against each other in a lyrical showdown of nostalgic proportions. Both characters leave nothing off limits, throwing verbal jabs and referencing their sons, […]


Hugs Music Video By Lonely Island And Pharrell

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The Internet is giddy that comedy-music group The Lonely Island has debuted two new music videos after appearing on SNL this weekend. After working with Lil’ Jon for their first instant viral hit, When Will The Bass Drop, they teamed up with Happy famous Pharrell to star in this hilarious music video, Hugs. Andy Samberg, Jorma Taccone, and Pharrell sing and […]


Guy Hacks Into Neighbor’s Printer To Print Hilarious Notes As If The Printer Were Alive

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Last night, a crafty Reddit user called GavinWakeUpCall, revealed in a thread that he likes to connect to his neighbor’s printer via WiFi and print out funny documents, just for the hell of it. He posted a photo of this message he sent to his neighbors from the printer: As GavinWakeUpCall explains in his thread, he’s […]


Twitter war: Gutfeld vs Perino

I implore you to unfollow @danaperino. She is a monster. She is godzilla mixed with mothra — GregGutfeld (@greggutfeld) April 7, 2012 Two Fox News co-stars of “The Five” had a hilarious showdown on Twitter tonight. Apparently, Greg Gutfled wants to steal all of Dana Perino’s followers so he can tell them how “she is […]