Another 10 Common English Errors

This is a list of 10 more common English errors. This list follows our previous popular list of Top 10 Common English Errors. Hopefully a few of these will help to fix one or two mistakes that we all make from time to time. This particular error has become so common that it is beginning […]


Pure gold! The ‘Biden Budget Shuffle’ & other hilarious GIFs of Uncle Joe in 1995

I just watched Joe Biden go on and on about the budget in 1995 for 20 minutes and it was pure gold. (12:36:12) — Bill Gray (@BGPublic) October 15, 2013 You’ve seen John McCain’s Shamnesty Shake. Now experience the Joe Biden Budget Shuffle, courtesy of C-SPAN producer William Gray.!/cspanbill/status/390121015155908608 More classic Biden:!/cspanbill/status/390121504471801856 Because of […]


Top 10 Kids Movies That Adults Will Love

These are films that I consider were made for specifically for kids or families to enjoy. Many kids films are so juvenile or poorly executed that it’s a real joy to find some that can be on an adults list of must-sees. I’ve left off some real obvious ones, like Wizard of Oz, because it’s […]


Sucks to be you: These Obamacare bumper stickers are truly embarrassing [pics]

Last week I switched my 2012 stickers out for the @Obamacare sticker. #signedsealeddelivering — irene h. yoon (@hongwon) October 2, 2013 Bless your heart. Obamacare is “delivering”? You might have gotten ahead of yourself, doll. Got my sticker ! Obama care sign sealed and delivering — Smash The Gop (@dianab1965) September 25, 2013 […]


Hilarious Guy Takes Mushy Couples Selfies…Without A Girlfriend And It’s Amazing.

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Keisuke Jinushi is single and proud of it. Last year the 28-year-old Japanese freelance photographer and writer decided he had enough of couples taking romantic, mushy photos of themselves. Jinushi decided to do something about it.  Shortly thereafter, pictures started appearing on his blog and Instagram of Jinushi with what appeared to be a young lady. True love at last? Well, not quite. […]


Why Gluten Is Not The Enemy


The other day, The New Yorker published a very long and thoughtful investigation into our national obsession with gluten, the seemingly evil grain protein found in wholesome and delicious foods like pizza and chicken tenders. Their conclusion? It’s not gluten, and it’s never been gluten. Gluten isn’t making you fat. Gluten isn’t making you sick […]