Nick Searcy unveils his family’s amazing Christmas card for 2013


The national social media release of the Searcy Christmas Card 2013 is NOW! Merry Christmas, everyone! — Yes, Nick $earcy! (@yesnicksearcy) December 25, 2013 When television star Nick Searcy isn’t slapping around liberals on Twitter, he brings the awesome in all sorts of other ways. His latest is sharing with the world the hilarious Christmas […]


‘Is this real life?!’ Bassist nails Beyoncé’s #BanBossy hypocrisy

,!/jasonavp/status/443120605265543168 Jason Dean is the bassist for alternative pop band Artist vs Poet. (Trivia tidbit: Joe Kirkland, the band’s lead vocalist, competed on season three of “The Voice.”) On Monday, Dean caught wind of Beyoncé’s participation in the FLOTUS-approved campaign to ban the word “bossy.” Because, you know, nothing helps girls develop leadership skills like […]


5 Old School Celebs Who Had Their Nude Pics Leaked Way Before The Fappening

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While The Fappening is probably still very much still, well, fappening on Reddit and the bedrooms of 14 year old boys across the world, betches and other people with better shit to do have had enough time to process and to to put this world-wide-masturbation-party into context. Long before the invisible omnipresent sext repository, aka […]


Piers Morgan vs. the #unfollowpiers campaign

Here’s CNN host Piers Morgan earlier today salivating over the prospect of getting his 2 millionth Twitter follower: 100 followers to go. One small step for man, one giant leap for my ego. #GoonerTwitterPower — Piers Morgan (@piersmorgan) March 8, 2012 Not long after, some Morgan-haters launched an #unfollowpiers campaign: Opperation #UnfollowPiers is underway. Do […]


IKEA-Style Instructions for Assembling Your Very Own Monster By Ed Harrington

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Have you ever wanted your own sado-masochistic hellspawn or vicious alien hunter? Now you can have them, or any one of many other movie monsters, in the comfort of your home thanks to Ed Harrington, an illustrator who has created hilarious IKEA-style instructions for making our favorite movie monsters. In the minimalistic and friendly IKEA […]


5 Stages of Grief That Come With Buying A Skinny Mirror

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Skinny Mirror [skin-ee mir-er] noun. •    A mirror that’s surface is slightly bent at an angle that causes the reflected image to appear elongated and/or horizontally compressed. •    A mirror that makes you look skinnier than you actually are (duh) •    Ex: Retailers use skinny mirrors in fitting rooms to get you to buy more clothes […]


‘I’m ready for my close-up, Mr. Stewart!’ Wendy Davis slips further into madness

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@WendyDavisTexas @TheDailyShow …She says as she sits in a park throwing bread crumbs at herself… — High Horse Gypsy (@gypsylisa60) October 28, 2014 Awww … look at her: Wendy on @TheDailyShow: "I'm going to be the governor, Jon." #TeamWendy, 1 week til we make it happen! Watch: -TW — Wendy Davis (@WendyDavisTexas) October 28, […]