Hilarious Photos Of A Young Jeremy Clarkson

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Much discussed TV presenter Jeremy Clarkson isn’t exactly known for being a fashion icon, but then again that’s part of the appeal. The 54-year-old has been doing the rounds on our screens for over two decades now, thus meaning he’s been through quite a few fashion cycles, some better than others. Here are a few […]


Homeowners Grease Pole To Stop Squirrel From Raiding Bird Feeder

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Robert Krampf had a problem. He and his wife Nancy love to have birds in their garden, so they set up a bird feeder. But a nearby squirrel quickly realized where the free dinner was. Their solution is hilarious and genius: They greased the pole to the feeder.   [youtube] Read more:


Another Hilarious “Bad Lip Reading” of The Hunger Games

The comic geniuses behind Bad Lip Reading are back with their version of Catching Fire… [youtube] Read more:


Hilarious: James Woods skewers Obama’s economy with brutal pic

Natural progression… — James Woods (@RealJamesWoods) August 10, 2013 Yes, that image tweeted by conservative actor James Woods was Photoshopped. But hey, if PolitiFact and Nancy Pelosi can use the “fake but accurate” standard, why not us? @RealJamesWoods #truth — SarahTruthTeller™ (@AwakeGOP) August 10, 2013 Funny as hell, but sad as hell since it's […]


Happy birthday, you betcha! Birthday wishes pour in for Sarah Palin

Wishing Governor @SarahPalinUSA a happy birthday. — Hardline Stance (@Hardline_Stance) February 11, 2013 Today is Governor Palin’s birthday and best wishes pour in. Of course, Huffington Post had to tweet without offering any, you know, best wishes. Today is Sarah Palin’s birthday! She’s 49. — HuffPost Politics (@HuffPostPol) February 11, 2013 Classy. Almost as classy […]


For These 34 People, Things Are Going To End Very, Very Badly… They’re All Insane. OMG.

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People sometimes do some really silly stuff. Most of the time it’s out of pure laziness and reckless disregard for their own safety. You’re about to see some prime examples of that below. Take these 34 crazy and somewhat hilarious examples. Most of these people are trying their very best at becoming a Darwin Award winner. 1) […]


Martha MacCallum has the perfect advice for guys looking to get engaged!/SGTSHEW/status/519132535423795202 Earlier today, Twitchy posted the hilarious video of an engagement proposal gone wrong when the hot air balloon hired by a California man to surprise his girlfriend with his marriage proposal developed technical issues and made an emergency landing in the Pacific Ocean. And Fox News’ Martha MacCallum has the perfect advice for other […]


Hilarious: On final ‘Starting Point,’ Soledad O’Brien says ‘facts matter’!/StartingPtCNN/status/317621722268438528 On Friday morning, “Special Snowflake” Soledad O’Brien was joined by fellow “too ethnic” cleansing victim Roland Martin for her final “Starting Point” on CNN. I’ll be on with @soledad_obrien @startingptcnn tomorrow. Even though my deal ends April 6, llkely my last @cnn appearance too. So tune in! — rolandsmartin (@rolandsmartin) March 29, 2013 What […]