Baby Boy’s Hilarious Reaction to ‘Let It Go’ (Video)

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[youtube] Baby Boy’s Hilarious Reaction to ‘Let It Go’ (Video) A little baby boy starts dancing every time his sister’s doll plays ‘Let It Go’ from Disney’s Frozen… via Read more:


Drudge headlines, quote put rodeo clown flap in snarky nutshell [pic]!/TheBrandonMorse/status/367647947514589184 Snark-tastic.!/L_Wheels/status/367656498077249537 Yep. Distressingly so. As Twitchy has reported, the outcry over the Obama-mask-wearing rodeo clown has been full of idiocy. How dare anyone slightly mock The One? Because racist! Or whatever. Serious You Guys! Other Twitter users, including the always great Dennis Miller, help sum it all up:!/DennisDMZ/status/367512664936701953!/DennisDMZ/status/367520230286692352!/DennisDMZ/status/367528181202296832!/DennisDMZ/status/367515119455961088 Heh. […]


The left can’t handle the truth!!/DavidChalian/status/213344104845807616 You may have heard that President Obama gave a campaign speech in Cleveland today. When the 54-minute blame-fest finally ended, liberal commentator Jonathan Alter appeared on MSNBC and soundly panned the president’s speech. Alter’s honesty about the  “laundry-listy” address drove MSNBC’s Obama-loving audience into fits of anger, which they were none too shy about expressing […]


The Shirk Report – Volume 211

Welcome to the Shirk Report where you will find the 25 funniest images, 10 most interesting articles, and 5 most viral videos from the previous week of sifting. Most images found on Reddit; articles typically originate from Twitter, RSS and email; videos come from a variety of sources. Any suggestions? Send a note to! […]


This Guy Turned His Wife’s Shopping Trips Into a Hilarious Game

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What to do while your significant other shops is a question that Western men have had to deal with since the birth of the shopping mall. Enterprising husband Steve Venegas has come up with a creative and fun game to play that will make shopping fun again. [Read more…] The game is simple – dress […]


These Jonas Brothers Jokes About The Incoming Storm Are Actually Hilarious

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FYI, that huge winter storm set tocover DC in snow and hit much of the Northeastpretty hard is named Jonas (because apparently we name snowstorms now?). Anyway, heavy snowfall sucks, but the good news is the Internet found the bright side of Storm Jonas. It’s been a while since we heard from the Jonas Brothers […]