Instagram For Windows 95 Is Both Hilarious And Beautiful

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Remember way back when Instagram used to look like this? Those were the days. People posted pictures of things they liked and placed they’d been instead of every single meal they’ve ever eaten, and Miley Cyrus wasn’t 24/7 trying to find craft ways of getting her nipples into her pictures. @media (max-width:480px) { #M92513ScriptRootC65423 {min-height: […]


10 More Bizarre and Fascinating Medical Tales

From miraculous survivals to bizarre medical disorders, the medical world is crawling with astounding tales. Here’s just a sampling of the many stories the medical community has to offer. Feel free to add your own astonishing medical tales in the comments… Thimethylaminuria is a rare metabolic disorder that causes the defect in a certain enzyme […]


NBA 2K15 Face-Scan Fails Are Both Hilarious And Cringeworthy (Photos)

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NBA 2K15’s newest and most-hyped up feature is failing in the most spectacular way possible. And it’s uggggly. After the popular basketball simulation game was released at midnight, gamers rushed to upload their likenesses to 2K. A number of fans, however, found the ugliest versions of themselves imaginable. Here are just some of the results of […]


Slacklining at the Pool

This guy wanted to shake things up at the pool. Instead of just swimming or jumping off a diving board, he bounced around on a slackline above the water before taking a dip in a hilarious fashion. Read more:


10 Fascinating International Facts That Are Wrong

My first list was accused of being too American-centric. So here are 10 more corrections to misconceptions that non-Listverse people may have but this time you’ll need your passport handy to read it. The Error: The former Soviet Union celebrated the October Revolution in October. Although the Bolsheviks took control over October 25-26, 1917, this […]


Get Giggling With Return of Original ‘Sh*t Girls Say’

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[youtube] “I keep thinking today’s Tuesday.” “Are you kidding me right now?” Sound familiar, ladies? Girls are still saying stuff, and the “Sh*t Girls Say” team is still sharing it with the world. After a nearly nine month hiatus, the duo behind the wig-shakingly hilarious YouTube series, Kyle Humphrey and Graydon Sheppard, have released […]


How ‘Lady Dynamite’ hilariously nails comedy about serious mental illness.


Have you heard of comedian Maria Bamford? Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images. If not, I highly recommend you keep scrolling. Bamford is the star of the new Netflix series “Lady Dynamite.” Photo courtesy of Netflix, used with permission. The show follows a 40-something actress struggling to get her career, friendships, and romantic life in order. […]