Sick: Vicious libs ask ‘does Paul Ryan forcibly rape his wife,’ wish rape on her!/BlairJonathan/status/256580761711435776 What is wrong with these people? Threatening Janna Ryan with rape? As Twitchy reported, Paul Ryan spoke about seeing the ultrasound of his daughter and calling her “bean.” The unhinged immediately began making sick abortion jokes. Other morally bankrupt gutter sludge wished Ryan and Romney had been aborted. And some on Twitter took it […]


Narcissist in chief: Obama honors Neil Armstrong with picture of himself!/dlb703/status/240086746082193409 Wow. Just when you think you can’t be surprised by the shameless depths to which President Obama will sink to stroke his own ego, he comes up with something even more arrogant. I'm so tired of not being shocked. RT @itsonlywords: Obama honors Neil Armstrong by posting a picture of himself. — Angela […]


Ickey Woods is back in hilarious commercial for Geico

,!/DeionSanders/status/507708143603052544 The “Ickey Shuffle” is as good as we remember it:!/GEICO/status/507724821955096576 And if you don’t remember it, here it is in its original form:     Read more:


These 20 Parenting Hacks Are Absolutely Genius. #11 Is The Coolest Thing Ever.

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Being a parent is a tough, full-time job. Not only that, but most parents have other full-time jobs so that they can provide for their kids. So, life with children can be stressful. They are blessings that fill our days with smiles, but let’s face it, it can be pretty tough sometimes. That’s why we […]


How To Break All Those Bad Habits You Still Have From College


[youtube] While college can be the most rewarding and exciting time of your life, it can also be the unhealthiest. In addition to the binge drinking and late-night partying, many college students pick up a multitude of bad habits they carry with them even after they graduate. A study conducted out of Northwestern Universityfound […]


Twitter prepares for the arrival of the iPhone 6

, ,!/ProfJeffJarvis/status/509339776047394817 Hilarious:!/tbsveryfunny/status/509325394303266817 Good advice:!/IiamgaIlagher/status/509267398466486273 In six months, there will be an iPhone 6S, so don’t worry too much:!/samrubinoff/status/509347415447457792 For those in line who want a little wonk while you wait:!/AEItech/status/509332955425411072 More:!/craignorriscbc/status/509305233659682816 REMINDER: On this special Apple #iPhone6 announcement day, we must never forget… (Image via: @CraigGrannell)— #AppleLive Social (@MattNavarraUK) […]


I’m Sure They’re Incredibly Annoyed But I Still Find This Ridiculously Cute. #3 Is Hilarious.

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We humans aren’t the only ones who occasionally have our bodies rattled by a surprise case of the hiccups. Our furry and adorable little friends get those involuntary spasmodic contractions just the same as we do, except when it happens to them, it’s a million times cuter. Here are 10 examples of cute kittens, puppies […]