Ten Facts You Need To Know About The Chicken And Eggs On Your Table

When I am asked by friends what I do for living, I tend to raise eyebrows because my job is somewhat odd to many city people. Thats because Im a poultry nutritionist. Typically, the conversation turns into a friendly debate on the myths around eating chicken. Do we feed chicken hormones? Are any chickens genetically […]


Klein: Climate activists must ‘get comfortable attacking capitalism’

, , ,!/dukesy12/status/520270362727436289 Author and activist Naomi Klein is out selling her book attacking capitalism. This time she’s using “climate change” hysteria as a platform to promote her far left agenda. Naomi Klein says climate activists need to get comfortable attacking capitalism — grist (@grist) October 9, 2014 .@grist @tan123 As opposed to just attacking […]


These Hilarious Netflix Glitches Are Far Better Than The Original Descriptions

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It’s pretty ironic that Netflix has no chill. After all of the jokes and memes and such, the dust settled and we realised Netflix was perverted and ill mannered. “That’s a bit strong, Alfie” you’re probably thinking. Is it..? IS IT?! No it’s not! Just have a look at these… You know something’s wrong when […]


A Host Helps Bill Nye With A Perfect Response To All The People Who Doubt His Science Facts On TV

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I’m just gonna let you press “play” for some hilarious brilliance on what some news shows could do to correct a certain kind of debate. Read more:


6 Telltale Signs You Could Be More Stressed Than You Think

Theres no denying it: Were all stressed, whetherits work, school, upcoming holidays orrelationships. Its time to take notice of the physical and emotional symptoms that come with stress, even if they are subtle. Subtle Signs Youre Under More Stress Than You Realize To view this video please enable JavaScript, and consider upgrading to a web […]