Moms Share The Weirdest Things Their Kids Have Ever Done

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Motherhood ain’t easy. Some of the stuff that we all put our mothers through when we were too young to remember was so weird and messed up that the only appropriate response would have been laughing or crying. Here are 17 mothers who decided to confess some of the most degrading and WTF moments they’ve […]


SO GOOD: These captions for this embarrassing Obama photo are cracking people up

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Well, “Duuuude” may actually be the appropriate reaction. You see, this happened: President Photo Opp strikes again! Snicker. Why has he hated science? But, hey, at least we got some good captions out of it. Take it away, Twitter! O-Bam! The hilarious captions summed up? Yep. Keep it coming, Twitter. President Obama won’t like it, […]


Asda Manager Introduces “Quiet Hour” To Help Autistic And Disabled Shoppers

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The manager at Cheetham Hill Asda (in Manchester) has announced his intention to start a “quiet hour”, designed to help autistic or disabled shoppers. During this hour, all in-store music and display TVs will be turned off, and the escalators will be stopped. There will also be maps of the store – featuring pictures instead […]


This Australian Guy Recreates Women’s Tinder Profile Pics With Hilarious Results

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Not as high. Via: Definitely as high. Via: Sweet tat. Where'd you get it? Via: Via: Via: Oh my… Via: I'll go with the previous one, actually. Via: I can be your Poison Ivy. Via: Via: Via: Not preggo. Just beer. Via: Via: […]


Vlogger Tackles Mom Guilt In Hilarious Viral Video

With the demands of work, life, and family, mom (and dad) guilt is a real thing from time to time. When Melissa Radke a writer and public speaker who posts funny parenting videos to her page felt that twinge of guilt, she let her kids, Remi, ten, and Rocco, eight, sleep in her bed. Melissa […]


Soccer Player Kicks Ballboy in Stomach, Gets Red Card

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[youtube] File under: Not cool. Soccer player Eden Hazard, a Belgian national recently signed to top London club Chelsea, was thrown out of a match for kicking a ballboy in the stomach during a match against Swansea on Wednesday. The moment quickly went viral online, as both #hazard and #ballboy became worldwide Twitter trends. […]


Why male rape by females has to be hilarious

A remarkably painful and perceptive monologue by vaudeville comic Andrew Bailey… (From the video description — Warning: There will be triggers for some viewers, but if you watch, please watch the whole thing before passing judgment.) [youtube] Read more:


Pokemon Instagram

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The goal of Pokemon Snap is to take the best pictures of Pokemon while on Safari.  The video game nerds at The Warp Zone made this hilarious parody of how the game would turn out if kids these days were playing.  Forget Pokemon Snap. It’d be more like Pokemon Instagram.   [youtube] Read more:


20+ Hilariously Inappropriate Kids’ Drawings

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When you go through training to become a teacher, often you’re told to ask your students open ended, as opposed to yes or no, questions about their work. For example, instead of saying, Is that a lion riding a school bus? ask What did you draw? Answer: little junior in a canoe. You get the […]