This Amazing Plate Was Designed To Literally Absorb The Calories In Your Food

[youtube] Throughout most of my adult life, I’ve had a rocky relationship with carbs. Personally, I f*cking love carbs. Whether it’s bread, pasta, cereal or sweets — I’m always down to eat myself into a calorie-packed carb coma. However, my problem with carbohydrates lies in the fact my waistline loves these things so damn […]


‘A hooker in every pot’; Givers offer hilarious Spitzer campaign slogans!/allahpundit/status/354030289380577280 Snicker! Twitter users can’t get enough of the hilarity known as disgraced Eliot Spitzer’s planned comptroller run. A hashtag swiftly entered the mix: Givers immediately sprang into action and offered up some proposed slogans for Spitzer. Bam! That may have been an early win, but the side-splitting giggles continued: […]


10 Metal Covers of Non Metal Songs

There are many genres of music and, as a result, many fusions. We have all heard of the rap-rock hybrids emerging today. There are also country-rock, techno-rock, techno-rap and, in a shameless act of contradiction, country-rap. While the fusion of musical genres continues to evolve and extend, we are also being treated to a different […]


Stick Insects Digest Plants With Enzymes Previously Unknown In Animals

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For decades, researchers thought that wood-feeding insects relied entirely on their helpful microbes to break down the tough cell walls of plants. Recently, cellulase, an enzyme that digests the cell wall polymer cellulose, was discovered in stick insects themselves. Now, according to a new Insect Biochemistry & Molecular Biology study, walking sticks in the order […]


Here’s How To Get Kate Upton’s Amazing Bikini Body

Looking like Kate Upton is super simple! All you have to do is follow these 12 back-breaking, soul-sucking, inhuman steps guaranteed to rid you of the few inalienable joys that life allots you! IT’S THAT EASY! At this point, Kate Upton is more of an idea than anything else. In reality, I’d argue she doesn’t […]


The 5 Horrifying Stages Of Accidentally Sending A Nude Pic To Your Dad

Oh, I see you over there, sugar. You’re tucked into your cream-colored sofa. You’re wearing a gorgeous, loose-fitted cable-knit sweater and your softest, black $90 leggings. Your freshly-moisturized arms are stretched out beneath your pretty little head. You’re having a chill night in. I love a chill night in too, girl. Bless you. You reach […]


The ‘Honest Posters’ For This Year’s Oscar Nominees Are Hilarious

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The Oscar nominees were only announced last week, and already the ‘honest posters’ for them have hit the web… Predictably hilarious, you can check them out here: 1. The Hateful Eight 2. Brooklyn 3. The Big Short 4. Ex Machina 5. Bridge of Spies 6. The Martian 7. Spotlight 8. Steve Jobs 9. The Danish […]