Fail: Tina Brown’s lame swipe at Tea Party highlights her own loser status

, ,!/Matthops82/status/439124017380073472 In case you’d forgotten that Tina Brown is an elitist liberal snob, here’s what she thinks of you:!/TinaBrownLM/status/439103503688953857 OK, let’s get this straight: Tea Partyers are marking five years of working to restore our Founding Fathers’ vision for America, which Tina Brown finds hilarious for some reason. So, in order to make said Tea […]


9 Insane Celebrity Diets That Will Make You Glad You Aren’t Famous

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People tend to follow celebrity diet fads based on the heart-stopping beauty of famous folk. Unfortunately, celebrities live on the cusp of reality. Their diets are difficult for people living in the real world to implement. Still, there’s no harm (yes, there is) in trying (do not try these). 1. Elvis Presley:Sleeping Beauty Diet Introduced […]


What if the annoyances of conference calls happened in real-life meetings. Painfully accurate…and hilarious

The latest video from Tripp and Tyler depicts everyone in every conference call you’ve been a part of as if they were that way in an actual face-to-face meeting. There’s 5-minutes-late guy, dog-barking-in-home-office guy, static-reception guy, and more… [youtube] (via Tastefully Offensive) Share this with your work friends and commiserate together… Read more:


Steven Crowder promotes progressive paradise with ‘Pure Detroit’ [video]!/jltitsworth78/status/358041149375660032 The state of Michigan runs a travel and tourism promotional campaign called “Pure Michigan.” The campaign features ads voiced by actor Tim Allen promoting various parts of the state. Steven Crowder has made a spinoff. Step aside “Pure Michigan,” because here comes “Pure Detroit”:!/scrowder/status/358039724717379584 “Hilarious, yet tragic” is a good way to categorize […]


This Might Just Be the Most Awkward Kiss Cam Moment In History

The kiss cam has become a staple at sporting events, but sometimes, things don’t go quite as planned. This would be one of those times at a recent Milwaukee Bucks game. If you’re unfamiliar withthe kiss cam, it’s when the camera pans onto an unsuspecting couple in the crowd, which is then projected onto JumboTrons […]